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The Brasilnut

The starting point to knowing the Anderson family in São Paulo, Brazil.

About Us

We are a work in progress, just like this website…

Our Ministries

COMEV… TEOmídia… Revive Our Hearts in Brazil… Aviva Nossos Coraçōes… Calvary International Church…. BEA Ministries… Christianity Clarified… the list goes on…


Want to know more? We are usually quicker to update an Instagram channel or Facebook post than our website. But, have a question or comment?

Featured Images


Acrylic on Canvas

Abstract Flight

Acrylic on Canvas


About the Andersons

Currently the pictures on this website are generic from website theme we installed… so have a good laugh… However, Anna is an artist and we will be promoting her work here…

This is an overline

National Art Gallery Exhibition

Organic growth deep dive but circle back or but what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?

the Anderson family

São Paulo – Brazil